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Automatic Cleaning Ionizing Air Blower Optoelectronic / Plastic Industry Usage

Product Details
Model Number: KF-21AW
Packaging Details: Carton
Price: Negotiable
Certification: CE&SGS
Input power supply: DC 24V
Ion Balance: Automatic ion balance system 0±10V
Cleaning time set: Can be set within the range of 0-999 hrs
Voltage impose: Hight frequency AC method/±2200V
Air volume: 2.56-4.07m3/min
Ozone: Below 0.03(distance 150mm)
Overall size/mm: 142.6*78*178(excluding stents)
Weight(KG): 1.5KG(excluding stents)
KF-21AW ionizing air blower automatic cleaning ion fan/blower Ionizing air blower Ionizing air blower is a kind of static equipment for industries ...

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